Sarcasm is good for business

“The researchers found that those who were placed in the sarcastic conversation group fared better on creativity tasks than those in both the sincere and control conditions. They think that sarcasm may lead to greater cognitive function because in order to understand and convey a sarcastic comment, the brain uses creative thinking. This was true for both the person giving out the sarcastic comments as well as for those who were receiving them.
“This suggests that sarcasm has the potential to catalyze creativity in everyone,” said Francesca Gino, a professor of business administration at Harvard University and a co-author of the study. However, while the researchers agree that sarcasm and creativeness often go hand-in-hand, Gino points out that it is possible that naturally creative people may simply be more likely to use sarcasm, making sarcasm the outcome, not the cause of the relationship”.

The extract above is taken from the extremely interesting article linked to below will no doubt lead you to the inevitable conclusion that “sarcasm is good for business” – and language learning !

Source – Popular Science
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