Food from a floating farm

A giant floating farm could produce almost 10 tonnes of food each year

Architects in Spain have designed a three-storey floating farm that would help produce nearly 10 tonnes of extra food for Earth’s growing population each year, without taking up any land or fresh water.

The solar-powered farm would include massive hydroponic farms, watered by desalinated seawater, and a fish farm below, making the entire system self-sustaining and capable of producing most items in a healthy diet.

Of course, the farm is still very much conceptual and no prototype has been made just yet, so it’s hard to know how successful their plans would be when put into practice. But the blueprint is based on existing technology, so there’s no reason why it couldn’t be built.

“This is not science fiction. It is a serious and viable solution,” the architect team behind the concept at Forward Thinking Architecture write on their site. “It is not meant to ‘solve’ all of humanity’s hunger problems or to replace existing traditional agriculture; this is not the idea at all. The driver behind the project is to open a new initiative which can be complementary and compatible with other existing production methods in order to help reduce food risk associated problems in different areas of the globe.”

This isn’t the first time a floating farm has been proposed – last year a separate group of Spanish architects proposed a taller version of a floating farm, and in Japan and India engineers are building floating solar farms to harness electricity………….

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